Wednesday 9 January 2008

A mixed bag

I am going to continue not making much comment on the US elections, all the professionals are making a lot of mistakes calling these elections, I can't imagine I am going to do much better. The two things I will say are, 1) personally I think it is good for the process if the primaries remain an open field for as long as possible and 2) in the same way that Gordon's messing up of the stop and go play in October brought forward a campaign for fixed term Parliaments this presidential election is getting lots of talk going about the electoral college system.
A brief warning that with the Six Nations starting, the resumption of of the IRB Sevens and a full menu of cricket kicking off all in February there will probably be a lot more talk of sport in this blog.
I am sure all of us would like to control how we are remembered when we are gone. Major Andrew Olmsted was a blogger, both on his own site and for the Rocky Mountain News decided to leave his own final post as part of the preparation all soldiers make for when their time comes.
Lastly it surprised me that even independent school pupils are as much part of the mélange of mannerless savages and need to be taught how to behave at table.

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Anonymous said...

Marc Andreessen makes a similar point, but with a bit more emphasis on berating the professional pundits. :)