Tuesday 8 January 2008

The right to copy

The consultation has kicked off to discuss the copyright law changes put forward by the Gowers Review. ORG has coverage of the launch. Worryingly there still seems to be a heavy resistance to allowing us the consumers the right to move music from one format to another.
There is currently no right under the intellectual property laws of the uk for someone to move music from the form they have bought it on to another. If you buy a CD you have to listen to it off that CD, rather than rip the tracks to an electronic format for use on your portable music player or vice versa. I think that this is one of the easiest points in the review to argue in favour of change on, if I buy a piece of music, I should be allowed to listen to it wherever I want, I should be allowed to capture my VHS videos to DVD video so I don't have to


Anonymous said...

What from that article do you think constitutes "heavy resistance"?

The article's indication that
"Music industry bodies gave a cautious welcome to the proposals" seems a more accurate summary.

Tony said...

"open the floodgates to unstoppable copying"

Scare tactics.

I did have some other coverage but forgot to post the links.