Sunday 6 January 2008

Weekend round up

  1. Electronic Voting
    Bruce Schneier points out this article in the New York Times Magazine about the failings of electronic voting machines across America. Obviously with them having a presidential election this year it is of great concern to them. For us the horror is the fact that Brown's government still don't seem convinced of the dangers of these machines.

  2. Hi Def media
    With Warner having switched to releasing exclusively in blu-ray it is looking like Sony may well win a format war for once. I don't claim to be a technical expert on the differences, but my reading is that as far as the consumers are concerned both standards support about the same set of codecs and formats. On one hand blu-ray stores more but HD DVD is not region restricted. There has been much reporting based on the premise that Microsoft is only supporting HD DVD to keep the format war alive in order to precipitate the move away from physical media.

  3. Georgia
    Yet another election mired with accusations of vote rigging, this time however the OSCE is suggesting they are broadly happy that the people's will is being respected.

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