Monday 7 January 2008

If it wasn't so sick I would laugh.

Amidst the coverage of the forthcoming US Supreme Court challenge to execution by lethal injection this fabulous quote was nestling:
Kentucky seeks to execute in a relatively humane manner and has worked hard to adopt such a procedure — Kentucky Attorney General Gregory Stumbo
If I wasn't suffering so much with ManFlu I would laugh out loud. How can ending someone's life against their will be done in a "humane manner"? Or should we just ignore the whole thing as he said "relatively" and it is therefore meaningless? "I was relative nice to Mr Smith, I just kicked him out of a first floor window, when I could have beaten him to a pulp and thrown him off the roof." You can argue the possibility of humane killing if you are practising euthanasia but whether you believe in it as a punishment or deterrent, or as in my case not, an execution is never anything other than a brutal and callous slaying of another human being.
Of course for some they can only dream of a chemical death, China for example is updating its methods to use lethal injection instead of shooting people in the back of the head.

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