Tuesday 12 February 2008

Don't type angry

As mentioned yesterday the key driver for me posting here is anger. Today nothing is making me angry enough to post. Actually that isn't true, lots of things are making me angry, but they are either things I can't blog about at work, things I have already posted on or utterly trivial things that are getting my goat. Like finding a plugin for live writer that does almost exactly what I want in the way of adding a few bits of functionality but needs a little tweaking. Not a huge problem given that the source is released under the MIT licence, but it has been released as a VS2008 solution, I only have VS2005 on my machine at work and of course can't do much about that as it is not my kit. I suppose this is yet another driver to get a desktop machine up and running at home (my laptop wouldn't cope reasonable with VS2005 so I dread to think what it would do with VS2008)

See wasn't that a worthwhile rant?

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