Tuesday 12 February 2008

Difficult subject

After someone linked to this post about self defence I was set off thinking about rape. This is another of those subjects about which I have doubt and uncertainty; not of course on whether it is evil, but how we get rid of it.

Actually I have even more doubt about if we can. How many more years of civil society and punishment will it take to eradicate it from society?

Sorry for anyone who was expecting anything erudite and informative on the subject but I am stumped basically because while it is utterly evil, all the things that have been suggested so far that are guaranteed to annihilate it are also in their way evil. Obviously (as far as I am concerned) the death penalty is right out. Something else often put forward is castration (in general chemical rather than physical) but will that really help, it will remove the ability but will it extinguish the desire, or will the frustration cause more violence? Life, meaning life, imprisonment is of course an option, well it would be if our prison system wasn't screwed royally, full of the disaffected that several governments have failed to educate. As opposed of course to those deserving of being banged up, the very politians themselves.

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