Wednesday 13 February 2008

The information scrum

The client facing teams at $DAY_JOB have regular update meetings that they call scrums, making sure everyone is aware of current issues and the status of projects etc.[1] My various friends groups don't do this, not so much because it smacks of management psuedoscience but because we don't need to. Facebook tells me when people have split up or got together, I found out that a friend's waters had broken via LJ and new cars/toys/furniture are photographed and posted to flickr. It isn't just us, Ryan Kuder used to work for Yahoo and used Twitter to detail his "downsizing" Andrew Olmsted even blogged his death. I know most important things about my friends almost instantly and a lot of intimate details about people I barely know in the really real world, or have never met, just as fast.

[1]The technical teams don't we spend all day keeping each other up to date by shouting insults across the room, jabbering cool links and making "your mum" jokes.

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