Tuesday 5 February 2008

Quis cust... oh I can't be bothered the irony is lost on them.

This morning you were going to get a rant about the waste of space speaker Michael Martin and his "root and branch" review of MP's expenses or more accurately the fact that it is being conducted by a standing committee of MPs. They couldn't be bothered to find a tame cross bench lord after a juicy post enquiry position to whitewash the matter.
Then I read Guido's account of the MPs involved. If even half of his mud is the accurate sticky kind (I don't have time to go and check on its veracity at the moment) then it shows just how much respect Martin has for the public these days, he makes Derry Irvine look like a sensitive man of the people.
I really despair at quite how much common sense is lacking in the upper echelons of government in this country.

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