Sunday 3 February 2008

The "save Sir Ian next time" plan

A large number of people are rightly making a lot of fuss about the measures to allow the Home Secretary to replace coroners and mandate inquests be held without juries and the human rights issues therein. I shall allow those others to carry on with those arguments and put forward two of my own.
  1. This won't actually be used that often for any sinister human rights infringements, I know that anything that has potential to do so should be protested about, what it will be used for is to cover up embarrassment hence the title of this post. I was instantly reminded of the Spycatcher trial and all the measures that were suggested at the time to make sure that "this kind of thing can never happen again" and have the feeling that this is far more about saving the governments blushes than protecting those that risk their lives in the security services.
  2. That this is a measure designed to protect the police and security services is highlighted by it being a power given to the Home Secretary; coroner's courts are no longer her purview
    We are responsible for the law and policy governing coroners — Ministry of Justice
    if there really is a national security angle here then applications should be made to the Lord Chancellor/Secretary of State for Justice and even then it should probably be from the Attorney General not the Home Secretary.

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