Wednesday 12 March 2008

The angry post.

Several people asked me what I though of the idea of making our children swear an oath of allegiance. I didn't post it before because a blog post with "Oh do fuck off" in 1440 point lettering could offend.

The list of people who should try and find something more constructive to do, because at the moment they are just wasting everyone's time utterly, includes Lindsay Hoyle, the ASA and of course Jacqui Smith. No she hasn't done anything much new, she is just still banging on about ID cards. I think we should have a locked cage match between her and Bruce Schneier about how her scheme just won't work.

In other news the following are true of course: I am angry at the poor performances the rugby and cricket teams put in, congratulate JW on his record, I'm hopelessly optimistic about the results from the next test for each team, thoroughly board with both the US primaries and the stupid mud slinging in the London mayoral elections. Oh and it is nice to see a bunch of my friends finally seeing Delia for what she is, useless.

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