Friday 7 March 2008

Well that was quick

I know it was stupid but I really thought it would take ages to find an argument as utterly artless as Jacqui Smith's on the ID card. But you know, on the way to work today I saw this:

Acsepting nuderty will end rape

Utterly charming in both spelling and naïveté. I acknowledge that there are some perfectly reasonable groups out there trying to improve public acceptance of nudity and why not, our prudish attitudes to our bodies do us no good at all. But to suggest that once we had broken down that barrier there would be no rape isn't merely a leap of logic too far, it is stretching it so much it could propel Eddie 'the Eagle' to a gold medal. It isn't, I am fairly sure, just a need to see naked flesh that leads to rape. I am no expert here but I severely doubt that they start out just wanting to rip someone's clothes off and then think "oh while I am here, might as well finish the job." Lots of the cod-psychology I have found on the web suggests it is as much about power over the victim as the actual sex. But whatever the explanation is is very doubtful that showing these people lots of flesh will stop their burning desire to violate people in this way.

Perhaps we should follow the teachings of Professor Greer and remove people's desire and ability to copulate until they can prove they can and will use it responsibly. In any case well done anonymous paint sprayer of Sheffield you are as politically and logically astute as the home secretary.

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