Thursday 6 March 2008

No means No

Dear Jacqui,

What part of NO do you not understand?

  • NO it will not have a significant impact on reducing "terror" in fact it will along with most of your government's current initiatives it will increase "terror" because to be honest it isn't the "terrorists" that are scaring people. You are.
  • It will NOT be the panacea for the myriad of crime problems you are presiding over.
  • In NO way will they tackle identity fraud unless you plan on shutting down the Internet and banning all telephone banking.
  • They are NOT the answer to illegal working, people can work illegally in this country because employers let them, not because they trick poor gullible factory workers works, farm managers and gang bosses into thinking they are legal.
  • Improve border controls? NO unless you are planning on introducing LUL style barriers across every single entry and exit point in the UK. Want to go swimming in the sea, don't forget to touch out and back in again! Renting a boat to go round the harbour? Not without your ID card!
  • Of course most importantly of all, NO we do not want this, especially the huge great database that will sit behind it.


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