Saturday 19 April 2008

Ad industry in lack of originality shocker

With their coverage of the IPL alongside several flavours of rugby I am watching a reasonable amount of setanta sports at the moment. As with most cable television channels the adverts are in predictable blocks, lots of Guinness and Magners during live rugby for example. As it gets late of an evening, it moves towards SMS based flirting and recently lots of instances of this advert for Berocca. Which if you have had any exposure to popular YouTube videos you will recognise as a rip off of Here It Goes Again by OK Go. Of course borrowing from other peoples creative works by advertising executives is nothing new, it is some years now since an advertising agency watched the Hudsucker Proxy and decided to drop a car off a building in the snow and have it stop just above the road. It is also unlikely to ever stop the thinking it saves them leaves them more time to snort coke of the pert buttocks of recently legal boys.

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