Thursday 17 April 2008

The shafting of Bryan Ashton.

The first two years of Clive Woodward two second place finishes in the 5 Nations and losing in the quarter finals of the World Cup is backed and goes on to form one of the great England rugby sides.
Brian Aston a second and a third in the 6 nations and a *runner up* finish in the World Cup and is dumped.
When it was first mooted that MJ would join the setup as Team Manager it was spun that it was to free up Brian to be a focused head coach. But now he is in charge of the whole shebang, but only after a further three tests, two against the All Blacks, and while there are specialist area coaches under him with Brian goes the only Backs coach. While I think Brian is to dignified to do anything Darrell Hair like and sue, it seems a shame that they will get away with treating him like this.
All in all about as well managed as the Tony -> Gordon hand over and it will probably turn out about as successful.

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