Tuesday 1 April 2008

Alex Salmond caught in the net.

The Sunday Times reports that the SNP wants Scotland to have it's own brand on the Internet and break away from the use of .uk domain names. Notwithstanding how hard it is to get a top level domain these days unless the statisticians at the United Nations deem you worthy of a country code even if they succeed most businesses will either just register their chosen name in that zone as well as .co.uk or .com (or use it as a last resort when all the .uk and generic TLD variants have gone).

Of course given Alex has such confidence in the Scottish Internet infrastructure his web server is in a data centre in Edinburgh or maybe Glasgow. No up until recently it was in Docklands and is now in Berkshire.

Even more amusing is the childish mud slinging going on over the matter on the Nominet "steering" list, apparently an Irishman referring to the Barnet formula is racism, but a Scotsman suggesting most of England is too lazy to get off social security isn't.

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