Thursday 3 April 2008

Sexual acts mean we can't drive as fast.

Apparently motor sport is up in arms because one of its administrators was caught with his trousers down. I am really unable to see what on earth this has to do with the price of stolen technical data fish, I maybe naive here but I suspect that the Nazi overtones were nothing to do with a fetish for small mustaches or cars for the people but part of a power game. The various power game subcultures often associate with the Nazis as they were pretty bloody powerful (and the uniforms are hot) walk round any alternative night ands you will probably run out of fingers counting people walking round both wearing items with a distinct Totenkopf theme and carrying whips.

If the man had actually been oppressing people due to their lack of racial purity of invading Poland I could see the fuss but not for this, I mean I absolutely can't get aroused unless the other person kneels on all fours and shouts "Genghis, I demand that you subjugate me with your barbarian hordes and make my felted mound part of your Mongol Empire while you tickle me about the Ulan Bator" while a lackey bakes bread in the corner, making the alarm calls of Corvus corax, should I keep away from public life?


Anonymous said...

I suspect that the history of mad Max's infamous father might be fueling the controversy somewhat.

Also F1 amounts to incredibly quick billboards. Advertisers don't like Nazi bondage stories.

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