Monday 21 April 2008


The cuddly puppy of the cabinet Andy Burnham wants to criminalise football fans who sell their spare ticket to a mate according to Dizzy. Actually having read the DCMS's response it is much worse, they want to do this and they don't want to do this, they want to help the consumer and the promoter and ask the secondary market what they think. They want refunds to be more available where the consumer needs them but not burdensome on the promoter if they get lots. It really looks like they took the original Culture, Media and Sport Committee report as loose leaves and a stack of random notes on the subject submitted by everyone in the department and then let the office afghan puppy loose on the two piles. After ten minutes anything even slightly legible was picked up, dusted off and passed to the typing pool with instructions for it to be transcribed verbatim.
I think there is a sensible middle way to all this, require that the promoter has to either accept refunds (and outlaw utterly disproportionate "fees") or allow the tickets to be resold at only at face value.

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