Tuesday 22 April 2008

Where are my pink balls?

Pink Cricket Ball

One of today's big stories is the trial of pink cricket balls at Lords; now the actual reason for this is that the white ball used in pyjama cricket gets dirty and difficult to see, but a lot of coverage has made the comparison to the many other uses of pink in sport to highlight the evil that is Breast cancer.

Cancer deaths graphs

Now don't get me wrong, I am not against these attempts to promote fundraising for this cause, but here is the rub, deaths from breast cancer are gradually decreasing, all this money and awareness is working. But deaths from Prostate cancer are on the up. And while Excel's trendline function isn't the most rigorous scientific analysis you will ever see, it can't be far wrong with "if the current trends continue within a decade more men will die of Prostate cancer each year than women of Breast cancer" (and of course men die of Breast cancer too). So is it time to do more than the odd sponsored mustache growing event for this increasing cause of male deaths.

Of course after that we then should raise money for Bowel Cancer which kills more people than either Breast or Prostate and after that well there is lung, which kills more than both Breast and Prostate combined, not sure what colours to use for those though really.

Year range Female Breast Cancer Deaths Male Prostate Cancer Deaths
1981-1985 64,413 28,937
1986-1990 68,757 37,493
1991-1995 65,850 43,465
1996-2000 58,885 42,664
2001-2005 56,254 45,262

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