Thursday 10 April 2008

What price security?

Richard has highlighted a story about the Northern Ireland Civil Service spending a lot of money on computers. He makes some very good point about security not being a hardware issue it is about training people to have the security mindset.

I read through the article and wondered whether:

  1. This is a non story, the NI executive would have been buying these machines anyway and they thought they could try and look good on security for once; or
  2. They genuinely  need to upgrade these machines to cope with upgrades to do with security and Bill McCluggage  saw this as yet another opportunity to promote NI's so called e-government.

I actually think it is a bit of both and the canny Bill has used security as a great excuse to buy a whole load of new kit rather than argue his way through upgrades piecemeal (I don't know what percentage of NICS 14,000 people are, but I suspect it is quite a large one). While I was looking at this I though I would see how much they were paying; after 2.9 *Million* pounds of discount they are still paying £475 per laptop and £435 per desktop machine, someone saw them coming.


Anonymous said...

Good points, well made! Just goes to show how security has to be understood in the context of the actors' agendas (another Schneierism).

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