Monday 16 June 2008

200 Hundred not out.

Slightly strange fruit for this the 200th post to the blog.

  1. I am now the top hit on Google for "cindy mccain scientology" mostly through a coincidence, while I have written a post on the media coverage of the Anonymous protests against Scientology the 'Cindy McCain' part came from the blog-roll down the right hand side.
  2. Remember my open letter to the BBC. Well it happened, It is nice to know that they are listening.
  3. Me and some friends did ingenious things with wood and screws yesterday building the set for "The Rover" I'll post more about them next week, so not to spoil the surprise for any of you coming to see the play this week.


Alan said...

It's nice to know that you know that we are listening. :)

LasseNielsen said...

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