Saturday, 30 August 2008

The perils of Web 2.0

I received an email this morning telling me that one of my photographs had been included in an online guide. So what you might ask, that is after all one of the reasons I publish under a Creative Commons licence. Well it would seem obvious that this site is mostly compiled using a bot to pull together the text and photos, because they are reviewing the Yorkshire Gray with a picture that shows quite clearly that it has been knocked down.

Should I tell them?


Unknown said...

Well well well......

Anonymous said...

Hasn't that branch of Yates' shut too?

Not scoring well for accuracy are they?

Anonymous said...

One of my Cardiff Bay photos got yoinked by the same outfit a while ago. It was pretty clear they were on autopilot, but the results were a little better than this cock-up!

I reckon you should leave as-is. No skin off your nose :)

Unknown said...

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