Wednesday 20 October 2010

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I shall be taking part in Movember again this year
The abject failure of Linux on the desktop | The 23x blog
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Jared Earle (jearle) random transmedia strategies for everyone! - Boing Boing
@thegreatgonzo random transmedia strategies for everyone!: www.whatthefucki...
TCK GR (tckgr)
Interesting North 2010 - Gistfoundation - Intnorth- Eventbrite
RT @intNorth: Start your refresh fingers. In fifty-eight minutes the final ten tickets will on sale.
German trains test Channel tunnel route | UK news |
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Anonymous said...

"The abject failure of Linux on the desktop"

What was the point of linking to that? To show how stupidly out of date anti-Linux trolls are these days?

"I remember hours of hacking XF86Config just to add a bloody mouse, so I seriously hope the system works better."

xorg hasn't needed an xorg.conf in typical configurations for about 5 years now. Seamless input device autodetection is just as old.

"Linux will only ever succeed as a Desktop Operating System if it can ship without a terminal."

I installed Ubuntu for my brother 2 years ago, and as I recall the only thing I needed to tweak from the defaults in the installer was to fiddle the partitioning a bit to get it to play better with his Windows install. But a) that was done with the GUI; b) the defaults would have been OK; c) This wouldn't be a problem with a fresh PC; and d) Users don't install OSs, OEMs do - my brother would need to call me to reinstall Windows.

Anyway, my brother has no idea what to do with a command line (he has other things he worries about) and has managed to use Ubuntu without problems since then.

Tony said...

It will have been auto added from a twitter reference. In this case because I questioned the sentiment (and mentioned that all other OSes ship with a command line). I have since tried to work out a way to refute this rubbish without it being further anecdotal evidence like his.

Anonymous said...

Ah. I thought these were just links you found interesting, insightful or "delicious" :-)

Tony said...

I did find it interesting, I found it interesting that people still thought that and filed it in case I was inspired to compile a response.