Sunday 5 December 2010

Delicious links 04 Dec 2010

Low Carbon - Overview - Technology Strategy Board
@bobbyllew You mention the Technology Strategy Board but can't see you as a member of the Low Carbon group on _connect
Simon Houghton (carcapture)
Strata Gems: Quick starts for charts - O'Reilly Radar
@thegreatgonzo Strata Gems: Quick starts for charts: We're publishing a new Strata Gem each day all the way thro...
TCK GR (tckgr)
The tyranny of the public interest | spiked
Thought provoking comparison of public interest in Guardian wikileaks stories Vs NotW phone hacking HT @kevinmarks
Doodle: Geek Beers III
Geek Beers III: I've set up a doodle poll to find a date for the next gathering:

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