Monday 6 December 2010

Delicious links 05 Dec 2010

Oh and if anyone has issues with the @SuperMeatBoy PETA tweet... on Twitpic
RT @deathboyuk: RT @noodlemaz @dcturner: - Superb "Do not treat" card for anti animal testing folks.
Government proposes to scrap need for scientific advice on drugs policy | Politics | The Guardian
RT @DrEvanHarris: Govt proposes to remove statutory requirement for scientists on Drugs Advisory Council Unwise at ...
Do you have examples of local authorities using open data? Open Local Data Blog
RT @citizensheep: Blogged: Do you have examples of local authorities using open data? [LocalData]
Openbook - Connect and share whether you want to or not
RT @qwghlm: Facebook cartoon character meme goes full circle and finds a new level of stupid: << Hahahahahaha
Operation Cloaca | Bloggerheads
@thegreatgonzo Have you heard of "cloaca"?
Daley Chetwynd (dchetwynd)
Primly Stable: PCC says it's OK to lie
RT @PrimlyStable: New post: The PCC says it's OK to lie @UKPCC
Hanlon's razor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Questions and Answers about the NIST WTC 7 Investigation
@angryrantboy /cc @richardathome
About | Law and the Multiverse
Law and the Multiverse "If there s one thing comic book nerds like doing it s over thinking the smallest details"
State Department To Columbia University Students: DO NOT Discuss WikiLeaks On Facebook, Twitter
RT @HuffingtonPost: DO NOT POST comments on Twitter or Facebook about WikiLeaks, State Dept. warns students

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