Tuesday 25 January 2011

Delicious links 24 Jan 2011

Ebert: 3D movies suck - Boing Boing
@thegreatgonzo Ebert: 3D movies suck: Roger Ebert hates 3D movies as much as I do. For me, 3D causes a headache,... http://bit.ly/eq7tbz
TCK GR (tckgr) http://twitter.com/tckgr/status/29644951293796352
Welcome to YouView
@chrismurray0 It makes me worry that it will be a white elephant with people preferring smart TVs or http://www.youview.com/
iPolitics360 - Global Politics, Politics Videos, Political Photos, Social Media and Politicians
@thegreatgonzo Thought you might be interested in http://www.ipolitics360.com a political social network. Hope to see you there!
Thierry (PoliticsNow2011) http://twitter.com/PoliticsNow2011/status/29553021738287104
Real Writing Jobs - Earn Extra Money Writing!
@thegreatgonzo We're Hiring Blog Posters NOW! http://tinyurl.com/39jena9/?=mte2
Lauralee Matusiak (LauraleeMatusia) http://twitter.com/LauraleeMatusia/status/29552545458298880
Ian Burrell: Those who rush to demonise innocent suspects need to pause - Press, Media - The Independent
RT @DavidAllenGreen: RT @martinjemoore: Those who rush to demonise innocent suspects need to pause - piece by @iburrell in the Indie htt ...
YouTube - "Hurry up" by Russell Michael
@thegreatgonzo Listen 2 Ths Awesome Song (; > http://bit.ly/hxs6yl?=odgz
Leo Kamansky (LeoKamansky2325) http://twitter.com/LeoKamansky2325/status/29489045016936448
Tell me now how do I feel Bad Science
Bullshit is a slippery slope http://bit.ly/gUOqRn
Astrologers angered by stars | Science | guardian.co.uk
RT @doctorblogs: "Astrology is rubbish" says @daraobriain "in the interests of balance on BBC, astrology is nonsense" says @profbriancox ...
This weekend was indistinguishable from magic | Andy Mabbett, aka pigsonthewing
RT @pigsonthewing: Specific shout-outs for @dabr @packratius and @lesteph in my #ukgc11 blog post http://wp.me/p10xWg-aJ
Browser.backspace action - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
@apiphile you want to stop backspace meaning "back"? http://bit.ly/hK6aDB

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