Friday 26 August 2011

TEDx Sheffield 2011

I am very excited to say that I will be speaking at this event at the Showroom Cinema on the 22nd September. The subject of my slot will probably be of no surprise to anyone: The Nepalese Ratel or honey badger My part in the twitter campaign to lobby the advertisers in the News of the World. I promise that I won’t spend the *whole* time going through the contents of the perl script I wrote for it line by line.

Read more about TEDxSheffield and the rest of the speaker list then snap up a ticket, currently on sale at £10/£5.

P.S. I didn't write the blerb about me, so no sarcy comments about "mild mannered web technologist" ;->


Jim Barter said...

So what about the honey badger?

...seriously - well done chap.

Anonymous said...

Misread your note at the bottom and thought you were asking us to decline from making saucy comments about you...

...then re-read and breathed a sigh of relief ;-)

herbkim said...

Big thanks for joining us onstage. Looking forward to it :-)