Tuesday 25 October 2011

Interesting adventures in Privacy (and food) at GameCity

A friend has set up a very exciting sounding game design challenge taking place at GameCity in Nottingham over the next few days and has a couple of places left. So if you were heading to GameCity anyway or can get to Nottingham and have the time to get involved read on:

Come and work with Mink – a brilliant game designer who’s worked with Hasbro and SixtoStart - to think about gaming for social good. Spend a couple of days designing and developing a game that promotes understanding of online privacy practices. Tell us who would play it, in what circumstances and let us know how and why you think it helps to bring our research principles to life.

If you need extra to convince you:

...what’s more, we’ll pay for you to come along to My Dinner with Eric Chahi on Wednesday evening as well as feed you lunch at the TV Dinner events on both days. Whaddya say?

Visit the Adventures in Privacy festival page for more info and a timetable of sessions or get in touch with Erica at Ericapackington@gmail.com and tell her WHO you are and WHY you’re interested in doing this.

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