Wednesday 11 April 2012

What should be in a manifesto?

I am thinking of writing a political manifesto.
More as a way of thinking about and crystallising what I believe in, than as part of any serious thoughts about standing for office.
That said it will be written from the perspective of the UK's political realities i.e. as if I were trying to be elected as an independent M.P.
What questions would you want to see it answer?
Please put them in a comment below or send them by whatever means you see fit.


Mary said...

Most of the things I want to see politics in the UK achieve are outlined in this post from a couple of weeks ago:

Saul Cozens said...

How should the UK's political parties be funded? How would you persuade the recumbent parties to support your proposals and, if you propose some kind of state funding for political parties, what would be the qualifying criteria?

Lee Duncan said...

Is there a way to better balance party politics so that the best individuals can collaborate on policy? How can policy-making change so that; success and failure gain equal attention; consultation be applauded rather then ridiculed; and it is made more transparent? The House of Lords...? Same as Saul on funding question. How is best to strike balance of open data for opposition/public to scrutinise, so that policy can be questioned... and at election time to enable anyone who isn't in government to be able to make informed promises rather then blanket statements that later prove untenable?