Monday 26 November 2012

Silhouette by Simon Brett

Midland Player's spring production (20-23/03/13) will be Silhouette by Simon Brett, and I am directing. 

Table reading Wednesday 28/11 at The Three Cranes. Auditions will then be held on: Monday 03/12 at The Lord Nelson, and 06/12 at The Three Cranes. Turn up from 7pm, the hard work starts at 7:30pm. Get in touch if you are planning to come, or what to be considered but can't make the auditions. They will be open auditions with no preparation required.

Simon Brett’s witty two act thriller centres on the murder of Martin Powell an award winning actor, husband of Celia Wallis and serial philanderer. Everything points to Neville Smallwood, a nervous journalist, who argued with Martin shortly before the murder and has an unhealthy interest in Celia. Of course nothing is as it seems.

Character list

Celia Wallis

Elegant and successful. She uses her acting skills a lot during the course of the play. Big part. Needs to do a little singing.

Detective Inspector Bruton

A solid police inspector of the old school, needs to do a very good “professionally menacing”.

Neville Smallwood

Younger, naive, nervous, maybe a bit creepy. Has some singing but doesn’t matter if it is atrocious.

Martin Powell

Slightly older than Celia for preference, needs to have real presence.

Detective Sergeant Fisher

Inspector Bruton’s team; will need to create the appearance of a busy, professional unit that have worked with each other for years and do this day in day out. The actors in these parts will have to do a reasonable amount of making themselves busy without distracting from the main action.

WPC Leach

Detective Constable Wilkins

WPC Carter

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