Friday 25 January 2013

Discussion point around gender

With the exception of the provision of healthcare (and statistical work to plan that care) is there any reason why the government, its agents or any private organisation needs to know a persons gender?[1]

The good side if the world started stepping back from Genderism is we no longer need all whole rafts of overly complicated legislation. The stuff that always causes issues for some people by accident or design, while trying to redefine who can do what to whom and what legal rights they get while doing it. Or what is written on a piece of paper that really shouldn’t be as powerful as it is. Add in throwing away societal restraints about how many people can be joined together in these “legal relationships” and we will have made a move towards trying to have a world where we just treat each other as human beings.

But more pragmatically would anything important break if forms, official or otherwise, paper or electronic ,didn’t question us about this?

[1]I know why organisations like Facebook asks to help target adverts and power social graph features, but a) they still don't manage to target ads and b) that is a want not a need

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