Wednesday 3 July 2013

Burglar trapping keys

With people breaking into houses in order to go after car keys isn't there more things technology can do to help short of expensive trackers?
First thoughts include fake keys that set off alarms and/or trigger die packs to mark the hands of thieves.
Easier connectivity between house and car alarms so a silent alarm on a house triggers a car immobiliser.


Dave said...

Two-factor auth on car ignition systems?

Iain Mc said...

I seem to remember my mates dad's car had a keypad immobiliser on it. You had to enter a pin to start the car. And that was a Fiat people carrier back in the 90s! How come this didn't catch on?

Finger print readers are on £300 laptops now, surely they could be added to a car that costs 20x that much...