Wednesday 28 August 2013


I use the term ‘Spoony’ sometimes to identify myself, it comes from the much shared article "The Spoon Theory" written by Christine Miserandino. As you'll read if, no when ;-), you follow the link, it is a tale of one person explaining to a friend of their life with Lupus through the medium of spoons. It has resonated with a lot of people, especially those with "Invisible" Diseases and disabilities and I am seeing it used more and more.

I especially like using it because as well as being a useful metaphor of how I have to interact with the world it is great term to use when asking for help/consideration without getting into details of the specific "impairments" I have. That of course relies on how well people understand the term. It isn't yet used widely enough for me to use it in the really real world at the moment, apart from in the company of those in the know. But currently in this fabulously geeky and jargon infested world online it is becoming my term of preference. So I apologise if by using it I have confused any of you and I hope that you feel better informed now.

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