Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Projects I am currently working on (and where they're at):

A Wear OS watch app which keeps track of train journeys, showing a "complication" which shows how long it has left and the platform number of your connection (if applicable).
I think I have most of what I need for this, the data feeds, how to do the complication in Watch Studio, how to get the data from one to the other. I just have a few bits where I can't decide on frequencies and setting up the trigger for updates.
A Wear OS watch app that displays QR code tickets. Starting with cinema (not trains atm because I'm not sure the rules)
An AWS lambda in JS to turn the emails into just key data and the QR code seems fairly easy. I am trying to see if I can get my head around kotlin and the associated android APIs, I'm not currently winning but I'm not ready to give up. I might go back to my original plan of this being an e-ink thing, but the watch has some advantages.
Moving my home automation over to home assistant
It gives me a good framework so I don't have to write the meat of an automation system. And it has stuff built in, or community contributed, that talks to a whole bunch the stuff I already have, I just need to rewrite the stuff that talks to my custom lights built on the Plasma Stick 2040 W
Something something off-site backups, something. This has involved a lot of yak shaving, (often held up by systemd-resolved.service being pants). I think the expansion of features on the free Tailscale plan, and the OpenWrt port seeming to be stable may deliver some moderatly pre-shaved yaks.

As ever a combination of factors are at play in how they are progressing, not least that I am not really concentrating on any one of them. Other things include remembering to have local copies of stuff before getting on trains, trying to do things in languages/ecosystems I am learning as I go along (the greatest lie kotlin ever told was sprinkling "fun" through the source ;->) and my star-sign being the opposite to completer finisher (with mercury in retrograde). Drop a comment if you have any questions.

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