Saturday 6 July 2024

Footnote 1.

If I ask for information, please don't suggest I Google it or present information that you have just googled yourself and have no provenance for. 
I know of internet searches, and consider myself very skilled in them (at a time when this seems to be a lost art). I may well have already had a look myself and not found anything that meets my needs or is of suitable quality.
One of the reasons I ask the internet for their input is I know or are connected to a lot of very clever people who are outstanding in their fields, quite often to the point where they are not "a" subject matter expert but on occasion "the" subject matter expert. Or at least have a very low equivalent of an Erdős number to that person but for whatever field we are talking. I also know a lot of people who will know things because of a special interest or having researched it. So I am hopeful that I will get a weighty answer, one that doesn't need checking or comes with a label saying exactly how much you can trust it.

This is a series of posts I am making to point people to as required, because I expect that it will come up a lot over the next few years.

Other search engines are avalable
Do not cite the Deep Magic to me. I was there when it was written
Bacon or or Morphy or whatever separation number works for you

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