Sunday 7 July 2024

Footnote 2

I don't get told "Do your research" as often as a lot of other people on the internet, the advantage of not having a wide reach and being a white man I suppose.

But in the case that someone does use this ever so classic non-argument my response is "no".

Basically I am not a researcher, but then neither are they, I am however happy to spend time and the understanding of how research works to evaluate what other people have put out on a subject and rely on that. Now, it maybe that I am posting a video or article about the results of some science rather than the publication itself, for reasons of accessibility. But that doesn't mean that I think all YouTube videos are equal in terms of accuracy, or that a newspaper article is by definition scientific.

I am happy with my position, mainly because I have listened to and read experts on the matter, if you want to change my mind you will need to use actual arguments. I am aware of google[ref] and other search engines but I'm pretty sure that their indexing isn't peer reviewed. So if you are expecting me to take you seriously then saying that I can just search for things that support your point of view, rather than give me citations, I am going to refer you to the answer I gave a few moments ago.

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