Friday 4 January 2008

Wether or not spoon

The story being run about a branch of JD Wetherspoon in Wallasey limiting parents' drinks has me in two minds. Not about the whys and wherefores of pubs and pub chains setting their own rules about children being allowed in (especially now you don't need to apply for a separate children's certificate to go with your licence). I think that they should be allowed to make whatever rule they want to (as long as it is explained properly, without fibbing or hiding behind laws that are irrelevant).
No my doubt is about what JD Wetherspoon think their chain is about, when I first started using them, they were no children allowed, no TVs etc, just about the beer and food. Then a while back they switched to getting children's certificates and fitting TVs showing Sky Sports news and big matches. Now they are trying to dissuade parents with children staying. What will be next: timing people having a quite pint with the paper to ensure they don't use up a table for too long? Having restaurant like "at least one main course per person" rules?
They are already sliding down the quality list as far as beer is concerned and commit the cardinal sin of putting pump clips up for beers they don't have on, maybe this mucking about will put another nail in their popularity.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, they are getting stupid and annoying. I had some fruit beer from there and it was awful. Bleugh.

I just wished there are more nicer pubs to drink and socialise with friends without loud music, chavs or horrid barmen.