Thursday 10 May 2012

Lovejoy’s Law

"As any political debate about introducing an illiberal measure continues, the probability of someone mentioning paedophiles approaches 1."

It was suggested by @Erica_Jane_MP that we needed an equivalent to "Godwin's law". This is to be used for when Home Secretaries and other authoritarians are promoting the cause of a measure that will restrict the freedoms of the many to satisfy nothing more that the rants of a vocal minority.

It is especially true when discussing over-complicated, expensive to implement, almost entirely ineffective legislation, that could easily be replaced by a tiny amount of parental responsibility.

The law is named for Helen Lovejoy and her catch phrase on the Simpsons.


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joseph rector said...

Lovejoy’s Law perfectly captures how debates often spiral into fear-mongering. It's a sharp reminder of the need for balanced, rational discussions over restrictive measures. Great insight into political rhetoric!
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