Friday 12 October 2007

Survey Monkey

40 people responded and the results are as follows:

1. If a UK general election was called tomorrow which party would you vote for?
 Labour 2.5% 
 Conservative 5.0% 
 Liberal Democrat 45.0% 
 Green 7.5% 
 Monster Raving Loony 5.0% 
 A local issues candidate 5.0% 
 Don't know 17.5% 
 Not telling 5.0% 
 Won't vote 2.5% 
 Can't vote 5.0% 

2. If a UK general election was called tomorrow, what do you think the outcome would be?
 Labour victory with more seats 7.5% 
 Labour victory with less seats 62.5% 
 Conservative victory 2.5% 
 Hung Parliament with Labour as the largest party 25.0% 
 Don't Know 2.5% 

3. Who would you vote for if you had a vote in the 2008 London Mayoral election?
 Ken Livingstone (Labour) 20.0% 
 Boris Johnson (Conservative) 15.0% 
 Siân Berry (Green) 12.5% 
 Garry Bushell (English Democrats) 2.5% 
 None of these 7.5% 
 Not Telling 7.5% 
 Don't Know 35.0% 

4. If you had a vote in a Democrat primary for the 2008 US presidential election, who would it go to?
 Hillary Clinton 30.0% 
 John Edwards 2.5% 
 Dennis Kucinich 5.0% 
 Barack Obama 20.0% 
 None of these 2.5% 
 Not Telling 7.5% 
 Don't Know 32.5% 

5. If you had a vote in a Republican primary for the 2008 US presidential election, who would it go to?
 Rudy Giuliani 7.5% 
 John McCain 10.0% 
 Ron Paul 10.0% 
 None of these 12.5% 
 Not Telling 5.0% 
 Don't Know 55.0% 

For the last 5, the question was "Should X be part of the laws or fabric of society for the country" where 'the country' is your choice out of the country you are a citizen of, or the country you are resident in.
6. The death penalty:
 Yes 15.4% 
 No 71.8% 
 Don't Know 12.8% 

7. Abortion on demand:
 Yes 79.5% 
 No 15.4% 
 Don't Know 5.1% 

8. Substantial privacy laws to protect people from unwated media intrusion:
 Yes 69.2% 
 No 10.3% 
 Don't Know 20.5% 

9. Full Sunday trading:
 Yes 64.1% 
 No 23.1% 
 Don't Know 12.8% 

10. All health care, except elective enhancements paid for out of general taxation:
 Yes 87.2% 
 No 5.1% 
 Don't Know 7.7% 


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